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Guide des Cités (Le)

Le Guide des Cités [The Guide of the Cities] is a remarkable book, first published in 1996 AD. Without a doubt, the best source of practical information for anybody wishing to visit the Obscure World 1). The proportions of the book are the same as those of the famous Michelin Guides. A translation in Dutch has been made, but it contains only a fraction of the original material, but this has been corrected in the most recent edition.

1996 edition 2002 edition 2011 edition

Petit Guide des Cités Obscures

Petit Guide des Cités Obscures [Little guide to the Obscure Cities], was published in two parts in Les Saisons, a French literary magazine. The first part was published in winter 1990 and the second one in the spring of 1991.

The stories of the Petit Guide des Cités Obscures were used to compile Le Guide des Cités.

Some interior pages of Le Guide des Cités:


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Editions & translations

1996Le Guide des CitésFrenchCasterman176HC2203380268
1998De Gids van de Duistere StedenDutchCasterman68SC9030385863Shortened version
1998Führer durch die geheimnisvollen StädteGermanFeest Comics176HC3893432248
2002Le Guide des CitésFrenchCasterman192HC2203380268Reviewed and enhanced edition
2011Le Guide des CitésFrenchCasterman208SC9782203043268Third enhanced edition
2011De Gids van de Duistere StedenDutchCasterman208SC9789030364948

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