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Lessing, Albert

Albert Lessing is a name often encountered, both in the Obscure Universe and ours. It is impossible to know how many distinct persons are involved.

[1] The Administrator of the Villers library. Probably a pseudonym given by Benoît Peeters to the victim of an Obscure crime 1).

[2] Librarian of Samarobrive. He maintains having met Jules Verne, which is quite possible 2).

[3] Author of an article on James Welles, published in Le Soir of March 6, 1994 AD 3).

[4] The producer, and possibly the host, of the TV show Le Temps et Les Oeuvres 4). See Streets of Brussels.

See: La Bibliothèque de Villers (2nd edition ), Les Impressions Nouvelles, 1990