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Jacobs, Edgar-Pierre

Edgar-Pierre Jacobs is a Belgian cartoonist (30 March 190420 February 1987), probably in Brussels or its vicinity. He was of a discrete nature, and we know very little about his private life. He had a huge influence the cartooning art in our world, and he probably got to visit the Obscure universe, for many traces of his work can be found there 1).

The most famous work of Jacobs it his series about Blake and Mortimer. Since the death of Jacobs, new books have been published by several separate teams of artists and writers. François Schuiten has drawn a tribute album about Blake and Mortimer called Le Dernier Pharaon based on a scenario of Thomas Gunzig, Jaco van Dormael and himself.

Tribute to Jacobs, from the port-folio La Marque Jaune by Archives internationales productions

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