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Wappendorf, Axel

Axel Wappendorf is a famous inventor in the Obscure World. His inventions have been part of several exhibits in our own world, including a permanent display in the attic of the Maison imaginaire. Born in Alaxis in 691 AT, he built his first vehicle at the age of twelve (703 AT).

Although he specialized in transportation modes 1), he is a universal Scientist 2). In 751 AT, he took off for Antinea in the company of Mary von Rathen, who was then 15 years old. They missed their goal and found themselves in the antechamber of the worlds, where Axel met Jules Verne and Desombres 3).

He befriended the latter during his second Passage. His encounter with Vigoleis Koelber did not go as smoothly 4). Much to his annoyance, most strange occurrences that cannot be explained end up being submitted to his attention 5).

A few of Axel Wappendorf's creations:

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