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More original artwork by François Schuiten for sale

Art by François Schuiten for sale at Million

After the successful auction by ArtCurial of thirty original pieces of artwork by François Schuiten, two more sales offer original artwork by François Schuiten.

La Galerie in Echallens, Switzerland offers three original drawings 1).

The fixed prices are 23.000 euros and 36.000 euros.

Millon & Associés in Brussels and Paris will hold an auction with comic books, original artwork and derived artwork with comics.

At December 8th, 2013 (14hrs) Millon & Associés will auction a black & white drawing by François Schuiten made for Le Guide des Cités with an estimated price of 7.000 - 8.000 euros. 2)

Later that day at 16hrs they will auction two pieces by François Schuiten and Jean Le Gac:

Estimated prices are not given.