Altaplana, world of Francois Schuiten and Benoit Peeters

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 Network or sometimes also called The Web in English (original French word: Réseau ), is a strange structure made of bars that seemed to be both mineral and vegetal in appearance.

It developed from a Cube that was discovered in Urbicande in 735 AT. Following different laws of physic, its substance went through ordinary matter without displacing it. It grew to tremendous proportions, eventually reaching cosmic proportions and throwing in shambles the social fabric of many cities 1).

We know that part of the structure rose from the wave during the great equinoctial tide not far from the Sodrovni Cape 2), and it was also seen in Roth and at the Green Lake, as well as in the Septentrional and Poznah Jungles, not to mention Chula Vista, the Ivalo volcanic chain and the Marahuaca Plateau Plateau 3).

Several mathematical formulas have been set up to calculate its evolution 4) and Claude-Françoise Brunon saw it as linked to our world's Internet 5). This last hypothesis is quite sound, for Wappendorf is known to have built a machine capable of sending messages to our world through the Obscure telephone system.