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Le Perdriel, Joseph

Joseph Le Perdriel

[1] Joseph le Perdriel is a former resident of Groningen, in the Netherlands. Builder of an excellent trilingual Internet site about the Obscure Cities. Researched many Passages. According to the stories he finally found one.

[2] Joseph le Perdriel is the author of “The mystery of Tram 81 and other Obscure matters” (edition EBBS, Groningen) and “New Obscure disclosures” (edition EBBS, Groningen) 1).

[3] Joseph le Perdriel is the current archivist of Altaplana and researcher of the Obscure Cities.

It is unknown if these are three separate persons or that one or two are the same person. Rumours say that one of them is the alter ego of Eilko Bronsema.

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