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Abeels, Constant

Constant Abeels is a florist in Brüsel, owner of a shop located at 13 Quai au Foin. He was the first who tried to sell plastic flowers 1). A victim of the savage Brüselisation of 746 AT, he eventually left the city with Tina Tonero and settled in Calvani, where he was put in charge of GreenHouse no. 2 the following year. 2) 3)

In 784 AT he lives again in Brüsel. He has found an apartment above Chez Maurice. During the strange events that were investigated by Mary von Rathen, he find strange stones showing up in his apartment. Each stone weights 6793 gram, a prime number. Constant helps Mary with her investigation, while the amount of stones destroys his apartment and the one below of his neighbor Josette.

When he returns the Nawaby to the tribe of Moktar he decides to stay some time in this remote place. In 785 AT he returns back to Brüsel 4).

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