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Robick, Eugen

Eugen Robick is born in Urbicande in 687 AT. He is a famous Urbatect 1) and skilled writer. One of the most famous characters in the Obscure Cities. He remodelled the South Shore of his native town, created the Urbatectural Brigades, was intimately involved in the Network phenomena 2). He wrote many books:

  • Travel notes
  • Thoughts of a builder

The book Mystere d'Urbicande (Le) written by R. de Brok is supposed to be of his hand 3). He knew Augustin Desombres, who had a bust of him, and attempted without success to reach our world in the hope that he might remodel it 4).

External reference

Eugen Robick shows up in a meeting with mixed group of comic heroes on page 60 of “La dérisoire effervescence des comprimés” by François Boucq (Casterman 1991). It is not clear why Robick attended this meeting.

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