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Enfant Penchée (L')

L'Enfant Penchée [The Leaning Child] is volume ten of the chronicles. Publication in (A Suivre) started in issue 193 (February 1994) and the album was released by Casterman in 1996 AD. The album contains pictures of Marie-Françoise Plissart. Martin Vaughn-James plays an important role in this album.


Mary Von Rathen is with her family in Alaxis when during a ride on the Star Express the world shakes. Afterwards Mary is leaning. Doctors can not help her and she is sent to a private school in Sodrovni. Mary is not happy at the private school and she escapes. She joins the Robertson Circus and stays with them for some time. Until she hears from Stanislas Sainclair that Alex Wappendorf might be able to help her. Wappendorf is working on a rocket to reach a planet that might be the cause of all Marys trouble. Mary decides to join Wappendorf in the rocket. They reach an area with many globes.

Meanwhile an artist called Augustin Desombres has ran away from the busy world and buys an empty building on the Plateau of Aubrac. He starts painting murals. Soon he find himself on the same globes as Mary.

Some interior pages of L'Enfant Penchée

The added intro story by Mary von Rathen.

Portfolio with new pages, in later editions these pages are added.

Editions & translations

1996Het Scheve KindDutchCasterman152SC9030385820
1996L'Enfant PenchéeFrenchCasterman152HC2203343117With dust cover
1996L'Enfant PenchéeFrenchCasterman152HC2203337109Deluxe version. Signed and numbered 1-700. I - L.
1996Het Scheve KindDutchCasterman159HC9030385839Signed and numbered 1-300, I-L. Includes the introduction story “Enkele herinneringen door Mary von Rathen”
1996La Chica InclinadaSpanishNorma Editorial151HC8479043415
1996MaryGermanFeest Comics152HC389343223XWarning: on the backside of the normal edition the ISBN number of the Deluxe version is printed!
1996MaryGermanFeest Comics152SC3893431691
1996Det skæve barnDanish Bogfabrikken152n/an/a
1997La bambina inclinataItalianComic Art128SCn/aEternauta, n°171
1999A Menina InclinadaPortugueseMeribérica/Liber152SC972451367X
2000Het Scheve KindDutchCasterman152HC9030385995
2005La Bambina Che PendeItalianLizard157HC8888545646
2005La Chica InclinadaSpanishNorma Editorial157HC84981443458 new pages
2007L'Enfant PenchéeFrenchCasterman160HC9782203343252Small edition
2010L'Enfant PenchéeFrenchCasterman165SC9782203029668New introduction story: “Quelques souvenirs par Mary von Rathen”
2010기울어진 아이Korean세미콜론161HC9788983715715
2011闇の国々JapaneseShoPro Booksn/aHC4796871012Part of bundle 1
2014The Leaning GirlEnglishAlaxis Press176SC9781628472271
2014The Leaning GirlEnglishAlaxis Press176HC9781628472288
2014Девочка с отклонениемRussianaltaplana.beN/ADigitalN/A
2014Nagnuto dijeteCroatianFibra166HC9789533211657
2017Das schräge MädchenGermanSchreiber & Leser168n/a9783946337270
2017La Chica InclinadaSpanishNorma Editorial176SC9788467927740
2017The Leaning GirlEnglishIDW176SC9781628472271Stock of the Alaxis Press edition sold by IDW
2017Падающая девочкаRussianZangavar168HC9785904662264
2022Pochyłe dzieckoPolishScream Comics168SC9788366291966
La Femme penchée, Acrylic on canvas for a painting revisited by the artist with a touch of surrealism (1998).

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