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Green Lake

Green Lake (Lac Vert) is the largest body of water on the Continent. Located 1,200 Megafathom from the closest city, the place is uninhabited, perhaps because of the calcium-leaching properties of its water 1), but its climate seems to be mild. An organ concert was held on the site in January by Frobélius 2).

The Green Lake is also famous for its giant maple trees 3).

It is also there, on May 24, 760 AT, that Mary Von Rathen gave a major reception to celebrate the rebirth of Mylos 4). It is difficult to be sure whether the strange columns rising from the sometimes stormy waters are leftovers from these celebrations or artefacts from a former civilisation 5).

A unique species, the Spongias, lives in the lake 6), and part of the Network emerged for a while from its deep waters 7).

Images of the emerged Network can be found quite often.

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