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Mylos is the most frightening of all Obscure Cities 1), where workers are part of their machine and production quotas dominate all thoughts. Its brick architecture is quite bland, and a multitude of chimneys constantly spew clouds of thick black smoke. Located on the west coast of the Continent. A mysterious Supreme Generator lies at the hearth of the city, and very dangerous wastes are walled in the Lizbar Quarter. The lower reaches of the city are flooded for a good part of the year. The only pleasant oasis is the townhouse of architect Paul Cauchie. Apart from an occasional visit to the Gwendoline Red Quarter, the only fun the inhabitants have all year long is a celebration called the Seven Days of Mylos. Just about everything is possible then, so visitors are warned to be careful. The main entrance to the city is through the famous Gate of Uqbar.

Hometown of the Von Rathen family. Mary is send away from the city as the bad quality of the air might be the cause of her leaning 2).

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