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Route d'Armilia (La)

Cover Route d'ArmiliaNew cover Route d'Armilia La Route d'Armilia [The Road to Armilia] is the fifth volume of the chronicles. Only the first 19 pages of this story were published in issue 123 of (A Suivre) in April 1988 AD. The Casterman album was releasd in the same year.

The Danish version “Vejen Til Armilia” was published before the French edition, it is also slightly different from the French one.

This art illustrated novel about a ride in the high North expanding the world of the Obscure Cities. The book has many impressive, but “recycled” images. The glassy mountain on page 54 was an advertisement for the international glazier AGC Glass. The gigantic gearing of timekeeping on page 63 was used for a campaign for a watchmaker. The Art Nouveau staircase on page 33 is the Belgian Comic museum. Also for the Bayreuther Wagner Festival made the advertising was used in the album.


Ferdinand is requested to travel by Dirigible from Mylos to Armilia. He knows the formula that will help Armilia to overcome the very cold period they are facing. During his flight to Armilia he Ferdinand meets Hella. Together they experience the travel over famous Obscure Cities like Brüsel, Bayreuth and København. Meanwhile Rainer and Helmut are investigating a problem in the Dinesen factory of Mylos.

Some interior pages of La Route d'Armilia.

Editions / translations

1987Vejen til ArmiliaDanishBogfabrikken52SC8772971002This version is on several points different from the Casterman editions
1988De Weg naar ArmiliaDutchCasterman64HC9030385626Signed and numbered. (1-400 & I-L)
1988De Weg naar ArmiliaDutchCasterman64SC9030385618
1988La Route d'ArmiliaFrenchCasterman64HC2203343036
1990La Route d'ArmiliaFrenchCasterman64HC2203343036Different frontpage
1992Der Weg nach ArmiliaGermanFeest Comics64SC3893431489
1992Der Weg nach ArmiliaGermanFeest Comics64HC3893431470Signed and numbered. (1-999 & K1-K99). Including “Handbuch der gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen verkehrsmittel” (SC, 21 pages, ISBN 3893431470)
2000De Weg naar ArmiliaDutchCasterman64HC9030385995
2010La Route d'Armilia, et autres légendes du monde obscurFrenchCasterman110SC9782203020931Including three extra stories: Mary La Penchée, Les Chevaux de Lune & La perle.
2012Putovanje u ArmilijuCrotianFibra110HC9789533230384Same edition as the 2010 French edition
2013闇の国々JapaneseShoPro Booksn/aHC479687173XPart of bundle 4
2017La Ruta De Armilia. Y otras leyendas de las ciudades oscurasSpanishNorma Editorial112SC9788467927887
2019Der weg nach ArmiliaGermanSchreiber und Leser112SC9783946337829Same edition as the 2010 French edition
2021Droga do ArmiliiPolishScream Comics112SC9788366291898
2023La strada per Armilia e altre leggende del mondo oscuroItalianAlessandro112SC9788892975095

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