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Mary La Penchée

Mary La Penchée Mary La Penchée

Mary La Penchée, [Leaning Mary] is the ninth volume of the Chronicles of the Obscure Cities, published as a book for children in 1995 AD.

A tale for children in the Obscure Cities, based on the real-life adventures of Mary Von Rathen. This story is also added to the enhanced 2010 publication of La Route d'Armilia.


In the morning after a night with thunderstorms Mary finds out that she is leaning. Her family don't understand what is happening and the doctor sends her away to a boarding school. Too bad also the people at school are not very friendly. She escapes and joins a circus where she becomes friends with a monkey. After serveral years the two leave the circus and start looking for the Blue Planet Mary saw in her dreams.

Some interior pages of Mary La Penchée.

Editions / translations

1995Mary La PenchéeFrenchCasterman30HCn/a
1995Het Scheve MeisjeDutchCasterman30HC9030399392
2002Mary La PenchéeFrenchCasterman38HC2203553448
2010La Route d'Armilia, et autres légendes du monde obscurFrenchCasterman110SC9782203020931Including Mary La Penchée
2013闇の国々JapaneseShoPro Booksn/aHC479687173XPart of bundle 4

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