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Chevaux de Lune (Les)

Les Chevaux de Lune (in Dutch: De Maanpaarden) is a 24 page book by François Schuiten. It is published in 2004 by Casterman.

The story is also added to the enhanced version 2010 version of La Route d'Armilia.

François Schuiten made the story for his daughter Louna.


A child wakes up at night and sees a white horse waiting for her. She sits on its back and fly through the sky. They visit Julian but he is not able to join them. The girl and the horse fly to the moon where more white horses live.

C'est le vent qui m'a réveillée.
Le cheval était là, immobile, encore
plus beau que dans mon rêve.
Il a fait signe de me dépêcher.
Nous devions partir.

Editions & translations

2004Les Chevaux de LuneFrenchCasterman24SC2203525118
2004De MaanpaardenDutchCasterman24HC9789030304838
2010La Route d'Armilia, et autres légendes du monde obscurFrenchCasterman110SC9782203020931Including three extra stories: Mary La Penchée, Les Chevaux de Lune & La perle.

Some pages of the book.The original editions were in oblong format with a single image per page.

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