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Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent

Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent [Remembrance of Eternal Present] was published by Arboris. A variation on the movie Taxandria by Raoul Servais, for which François Schuiten had done the graphic conception. Published in 1993 AD, with texts by Peeters and lettering by Etienne Schreder.

Schuiten and Peeters were never happy with the results. According to them the story was not finished. In 1999 AD Casterman published a rewritten version of the album as the 16th chapter of the chronicles. Schuiten altered the original drawings until he was happy. The original pages of the Arboris album don't exists anymore. Schuiten and Peeters redesigned the story during their trip in Cuba. Like Taxandra time also seems to have stand still in Cuba. Schuiten is now reasonable satisfied with the album, although he has redrawn the cover for a second release 1).


Aimé, a child of ten years with a shaved head, lives in Taxandria, a city in ruins, filled with Corinthian columns and great deserted palaces. Following a mysterious cataclysm, the laws of the “eternal present” were promulgated Taxandria: any reference to past and future are banned, all machines have been banned. Aimé discovers a picture book that recounts the terrible events. He is upset by reading this and nothing can be stopped now. Will he Succeed to escape the clutches of the sinister world of the eternal present?

A few examples of interior pages of the first edition.

A few examples of the interior pages of the second redrawn edition.

Some black print films of the first edition of Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent.

Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent

Introduction video

With the release of the Casterman edition an introduction video was released.

Editions / translations

1983Souvenirs de l'éternal Présent, variation sur le film Taxandria de Raoul ServaisFrenchArboris76HC9034410110Oblong format
1983Herinneringen aan het eeuwig heden, variatie op de film Taxandria van Raoul ServaisDutchArboris76HC9034324079Oblong format
1994Erindringer om den evige nutidDanishArborisn/an/an/a
1997Memórias do Eterno PresentePortugueseBaleiAzul76SC9729724741Oblong format
2009Herinneringen aan het Eeuwige HedenDutchCasterman78SC9789030363200
2009Souvenirs de l'éternal PrésentFrenchCasterman78SC9782203024854
2013闇の国々JapaneseShoPro Booksn/aHC479687173XPart of bundle 4
2018Erinnerung an die Ewige GegenwartGermanSchreiber und Leser80SC9783946337607
2018Recuerdos del Eterno PresenteSpanishNorma editioral80SC9788467931693

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