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Brabant Strip Magazine

Brabant Strip is an association of comic strip fans from 9-99. Five times a year they publish the Brabant Strip Magazine, packed with interesting information and original contributions from the broad membership base. The magazine is published in Dutch.

At July 1st, 2012 AD an interview with François Schuiten was published in issue 190. The main topic of the interview is the publication of La Douce. You can read the article in Dutch here: brabant_strip_magazine-190-schuiten.pdf

In July 2010 AD, issue 180 was published with a cover by François Schuiten. This issue also has a 13 page long interview with Schuiten. Schuiten talks about his youth, the influence of comics in his life. His collaboration with Benoît Peeters and the origins of the Obscure Cities series. The article in Dutch can be read here: brabantstrip-180-schuiten.pdf

In April 1999 AD, issue 67 was published with an interview with Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten. You can read the Dutch interview here.