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Laetitia (The)

The Laetitia is an enormous vehicle moving around on threads. Designed by Wappendorf to permit Mary Von Rathen to reach distant Ypigi, while carrying the delicate apparatus allowing contact with our world.

Laetitia is also the name of one of the 16 geomantic figures are the primary symbols used in divinatory geomancy. Each geomantic figure represents a certain state of the world or the mind, and can be interpreted in various ways based upon the query put forth and the method used to generate the figures 1).

Latin for “Joy”. The figure resembles an arch, fountain, or rainbow. It is good in situations that concern potential, joy, or happiness. Astrologically it is associated with Pisces and Jupiter retrograde. It is ruled externally by water, but inwardly by fire. It is a positive figure for nearly all questions, representing fast situations and construction. It indicates upward motion, happiness, or joy. Its planetary intelligence is Iophiel and its spirit is Hismael; it is associated with the deities Jove and Neptunus, and the angels Sachiel and Barchiel. It is associated with the feet 2).

Happiness and joy is what Mary is after while traveling.

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