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Kârinh in Revoir Paris

Kârinh was born in the Ark, a space colony created by a group of former Earthlings who cut all ties with their home planet. She is an orphan and considered a bastard as nobody knows how her father is. The only thing known about her father is that he comes from Earth. Her mother is Fumiko, she was already dead when Mikhaïl performed a Caesarean section to give birth to Kârinh. He raised Kârinh.

The young woman has always dreamed of this earth she has never seen, and especially Paris, a city discovered in books that miraculously were preserved. She therefore unhesitatingly agreed to lead the Tube, a ship en route to Earth carrying a dozen bodies into hibernation 1).

Kârinh starts her training late 2155. She leaves for Earth in the Tube on January 31, 2156. Some people on the Ark are happy to see her go. She wants to do things her way. She doesn't want to confirm to the rules to have two babies.

Helped by a neurotoxic she can mind travel to Paris like it was in the old book she read. Coming back from such session leaves her with a huge headache. Secondly more time has passed in real life than she experienced in her dreams. During her stay on the Tube she reads books by Walter Benjamin, J.J. Grandville and Albert Robida.

While in the dream world of Robida she named herself Carine.

Kârinh looks a lot like Linh-Dan Pham in the Lighted World.

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