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2156 AD

Events related to the year 2156 AD.

As all events for 2156 AD are related to the future, it is unsure if they will happen as projected.

In the timeline we try to organize all events and topics by relevant years. There are two set of time lines used on Altaplana. The Obscure time and the lighted time. The lighted time is calculated A.D. (Anno Domini) like the Julian calendar 1). The Obscure time lines are calculated A.T. (After the Tower) 2).

2156 is two hundred years after the birth of François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters.

  • January 6, the Tube is prepared 3).
  • January 31, the Tube with Kârinh as commander leaves for Earth 4).
  • August 28, the Tube arrives at Earth, close to Le Havre 5).
See: A.D.
See: A.T.
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