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2155 AD

Events related to the year 2155 AD.

As all events for 2155 AD are related to the future, it is unsure if they will happen as projected.

In the timeline we try to organize all events and topics by relevant years. There are two set of time lines used on Altaplana. The Obscure time and the lighted time. The lighted time is calculated A.D. (Anno Domini) like the Julian calendar 1). The Obscure time lines are calculated A.T. (After the Tower) 2).

  • November 19: Kârinh is selected for the expedition to Earth 3).
  • November 24, Kârinh is interviewed for several hours. The wisemen don't understand why Kârinh wants to go 4).
  • November 27, Kârinh is appointed as captain of the Ark 5).
  • November 28, some people who hear the news that Kârinh is leaving, are happy 6).
  • November 30, Kari and Irina try to convince Kârinh not to go 7).
  • December 2, the list of voluntaries is complete. Without Kârinh the average age is 93 years 8).
  • December 7, start of the Tube training 9).
See: A.D.
See: A.T.
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