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the impossible & infinite encyclopedia of the world created by Schuiten & Peeters

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Single Images

A collection of single images by François Schuiten. Below this list you can find another set of unsorted images by François Schuiten.

You can sort the following table by clicking on the items of the table header or filter by entering text in the fields below the items of the table header. You can click on the title of the event to open it.

PreviewDetail pageYearPrinting technique
le-hangar-y-meudon-prestige.jpgHangar Y (Screenprint - prestige)2020 ADScreen printing
le-hangar-y-meudon.jpgHangar Y (screen print)2020 ADScreen printing
la_type_12_-_dans_les_ruines.jpgLa Type 12 - Dans les ruines2020 ADOffset printing
la_vision_d_eugn_robick_litho.jpegLa Vision Eugene Robick1992 ADOffset printing
ce_soir_urbicande.jpegUrbicande, ce soir a l'aspect d'un champ de ruines1985 ADScreen printing
86d34dec-4bf4-4a65-a104-067435962906.jpgEugene Robick Serigraphy (rare version)1985 ADScreen printing
eugene_robick_serigraphie.jpegEugene Robick Serigraphy1985 ADScreen printing
cirb-full.jpgCirb.Brussels / Smart City2017 ADOffset printing
93036044_519029888781998_5711806659681058816_o.jpgRésister au confinement (print)2020 ADOffset printing
le-hangar-y-meudon-variante.jpgHangar Y (Screenprint - variant)2020 ADScreen printing
festival_d_orgues.jpegFestival d'Orgues de Bruxelles2009 ADScreen printing
festival_de_musique_a_vienne-2.jpegFestival De Musique A Vienne Serigraphie2005 ADOffset printing
festival_de_musique_a_vienne.jpegFestival de Wallonie - serigraphy2005 ADOffset printing
vuitton_a_autrique.jpegVuitton at Autrique2004 ADOffset printing
97406624_3208056199226387_4985325585946378240_n.jpgLes Veilleurs1997 ADScreen printing
fete-de-la-bd-2019-variante.jpgFête de la BD 2019 - Variante2019 ADOffset printing
96159596_3190586427640031_173275683848454144_o.jpgVietnam Plus2001 ADOffset printing
le-reve-de-fry-richardson.jpgLe Rêve De Lewis Fry Richardson2020 ADDigital printing
fete-de-la-bd-2019-variante-nb.jpgFête De La BD 2019 (B&W variant)2020 ADDigital printing
schuiten-plissart.jpgSchuiten - Plissart1992 ADOffset printing
flw-60906958_2070140033085253_3369986642164056064_o.jpgFrank Loyd Wright (regular)2019 ADDigital printing
flw-61227829_10157192075134618_5087591677841899520_n.jpgFrank Loyd Wright (variant)2019 ADScreen printing
card-des-mondes-possibles.jpgDes Mondes Possibles2019 ADOffset printing
card-la-theorie-du-grain-de-sable.jpgLa Théorie du Grain De Sable (card)2019 ADOffset printing
card-le-livre-d-uzes.jpgLe Livre d'Uzes2019 ADOffset printing
schuiten-bm-15.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture DBD2019 ADDigital printing
un-artiste-dans-ville-ns.jpgUn artiste dans ville2018 ADOffset printing
machines-a-dessiner-ns.jpgMachines à dessiner (print)2016 ADOffset printing
bretagne-express.jpgBretagne Express2016 ADOffset printing
50425877_2010565095692844_3566101428789313536_o.jpgLa Type 29 - Entrée en Gare De Schaerbeek2019 ADOffset printing
rendez-vous-de-la-bande-dessinee-d-amiens-2019-ns-1.jpgRendez-Vous de la Bande Dessinée d'Amiens 20192019 ADOffset printing
51437987_2020585921357428_9112039664134389760_o.jpgJugendcity2019 ADOffset printing
18222447_1286904681392226_4475497660008251121_n.jpgRévolution Bande Dessinée2017 ADOffset printing
mondes-imparfaits.jpgMondes (im)Parfaits (print)2019 ADOffset printing
schuiten-bm-16.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture Affiche Amiens2019 ADDigital printing
49540962_275606769790979_4023187117038370816_n.jpgNebula2019 ADDigital printing
mobilis-in-mobile.jpgMobilis in Mobile2003 ADOffset printing
hs01-ex-libris-cultura-a.jpgLe Dernier Pharaon - Cultura ex-libris2019 ADOffset printing
hs01-ex-libris-fnac-a.jpgLe Dernier Pharaon - Fnac ex-libris2019 ADOffset printing
affiche-poster-bd-francois-schuiten-blake-et-mortimer-le-dernier-pharaon-choses-inexplicables.jpgLe Dernier Pharaon - Brüsel ex-libris (Choses Inexplicables)2019 ADOffset printing
Le Dernier Pharaon - Brüsel ex-libris (Bourse)2019 ADOffset printing
hs01-ex-libris-thalys-a.jpgLe Dernier Pharaon - Thalys ex-libris2019 ADOffset printing
ex-libris-blake-mortimer-schuitten_800-1.jpgLe Dernier Pharaon - BDfugue ex-libris2019 ADOffset printing
schuiten-bm-22.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - La cible2014 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-21.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Hommage à Jacobs2014 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-23.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Aux portes du Palais de Justice2014 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-24.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Au cœur du Palais de Justice2014 ADScreen printing
blake-mortimer-hs11-dernier_pharaon-ex-libris_dargaud-201901-a.jpgLe Dernier Pharaon - Dargaud ex-libris2019 ADOffset printing
le-dernier-pharaon-p13-ns.jpgLe Dernier Pharaon - P132019 ADOffset printing
schuiten-bm-09.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Planche 822019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-08.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Planche 482019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-07.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Planche 402019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-06.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Planche 252019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-05.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Le Basilosaurus2019 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-04.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Le Palais2019 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-03.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - La Grande Galerie2019 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-02.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Seth2019 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-01.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - La Grande Construction2019 ADScreen printing
schuiten-bm-20.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture bibliophilique (facsimilé)2019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-19.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture classique (facsimilé)2019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-18.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture ACBD (facsimilé)2019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-17.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture à l’italienne (facsimilé)2019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-13.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture bibliophilique2019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-11.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture ACBD2019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-12.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture classique2019 ADDigital printing
schuiten-bm-10.jpgLe dernier Pharaon - Couverture à l’italienne2019 ADDigital printing
les-cites-obscures-la-theorie-du-grain-de-sable-ns.jpgLes Obscure Cities - La Théorie du Grain de Sable2019 ADScreen printing
1984Screen printing
Le Chat et le mageScreen printing
Expo 1990 Allemagne1990 ADScreen printing
L'Archiviste (offset)2000 ADOffset printing
Le Dernier plan (offset)2000 ADOffset printing
La Cité des livres2000 ADOffset printing
vol_de_nuit.jpegVol De Nuit2000 ADOffset printing
44265648_1878114972271191_2643306582594551808_n.jpgLes Cités Obscures - L'Enfant Penchée2018 ADScreen printing
dragon-ea.jpgDragon2013 ADScreen printing
28795319_1594514517297906_115805187666179971_n.jpgLes Cités Obscures - Brüsel2018 ADScreen printing
palais_de_justice.jpegSouvenirs de Bruxelles2000 ADScreen printing
The Conversation (regular)2018 ADScreen printing
francois-schuiten-laurent-durieux-the-conversation-movie-poster-variant-2018-nautilus.jpgThe Conversation (variant)2018 ADScreen printing
hombre-integral-brusel.jpegScreenprint Brüsel, release first integral album2017 ADScreen printing
la-type-12-pont-ns.jpgLa Type 12 - Pont2017 ADOffset printing
abbaye-epau-estampe-ns.jpgAbbaye de L'Epau2016 ADOffset printing
seri-papier-dialogues-100x70-ns.jpgDialogues2016 ADScreen printing
envie-de-ralentir-ns.jpgEnvie de ralentir2016 ADOffset printing
la-type-12-au-repos-durieux.jpgLa Type 12 - Au Repos (Durieux)2016 ADScreen printing
la-type-12-en-montee-ea.jpgLa Type 12 - en Montée2016 ADOffset printing
la-type-12-sur-les-rails.jpgLa Type 12 - sur les Rails2016 ADDigital printing
schuiten-affiche-bibliottheque-mundaneum-numerotee-signee-limitee-a-299-ex.-papier-creation-fredigoni-250gr_790489.jpgBibliothèque Mundaneum2015 ADOffset printing
herge-2015.jpgDedication Hergé2015 ADScreen printing
fi_5_passages.jpgFrontière Invisible (5 colors)2015 ADScreen printing
fi_2_passages_supplementaires.jpgFrontière Invisible (extra colors)2015 ADScreen printing
la_type_12_-_a_pleine_vapeur.jpgLa Type 12 - À pleine vapeur2015 ADOffset printing
la_type_12_-_cathedrale.jpgLa Type 12 - Cathédrale2015 ADOffset printing
la_type_12_-_de_jour.jpgLa Type 12 - De jour2015 ADOffset printing
11926049_847401322009233_6857180681452195218_o.jpgLa Type 12 - De nuit2015 ADOffset printing
la_type_12_-_de_nuit_variation.jpgLa Type 12 - De nuit (variation)2015 ADOffset printing
11056062_847401502009215_879778963173585859_o.jpgLa Type 12 - En montagne2015 ADDigital printing
11895033_847401472009218_6728273860385810281_o.jpgLa Type 12 - Halte en forêt2015 ADScreen printing
11926049_847401432009222_5828812120995348017_o.jpgLa Type 12 - Reflet2015 ADOffset printing
ars-musica-10268356_10152357379464618_13984418_n.jpgArs Musica 20142014 ADScreen printing
ars-musica-normale.jpgArs Musica (regular) by Nautilus Art Prints2014 ADScreen printing
ars-musica-variant.jpgArs Musica (variant) by Nautilus Art Prints2014 ADScreen printing
derturm-2014-exlibres.jpegDer Turm Ex-libris 2014 edition2014 ADOffset printing
eusing-7190708_orig.jpgEuropean Union Choir2014 ADOffset printing
ex-libris-la-pane.jpgLa Panne2014 ADOffset printing
fieber-in-urbicand.jpegFieber in Urbicand (ex-libris)2013 ADOffset printing
schuitenflagey.jpgFrançois Schuiten, l'Horloger du Rêve (serigraphy)2013 ADScreen printing
gazebo_large.jpgGazebo (the)2013 ADOffset printing
Cimetière des locomotives (Le)2013 ADScreen printing
baureihe_05.jpegBaureihe 05 serigraphy2012 ADOffset printing
gare-du-nord-ns.jpgGare du Nord2012 ADOffset printing
la-douce-cheminot-ns.jpgLa Douce - Cheminot2012 ADScreen printing
104417_2.jpegEx-Libris La Douce Deluxe by Brüsel.com2012 ADOffset printing
la-douce-nuit-ns.jpgLa Douce - Nuit2012 ADScreen printing
20935153_1395777843838242_7314300097522751026_o.jpgLa Douce - Urgence2012 AD
la-douce-variation-gris-ns.jpgLa Douce - Variation Gris2012 ADScreen printing
la-douce-variation-rouge-ns.jpgLa Douce - Variation Rouge2012 ADScreen printing
affiche-poster-bd-francois-schuiten-le-donjon-des-reves-vincennes.jpgLe Donjon2012 ADOffset printing
13227334_979503505465680_4731513298884337927_o.jpgLes 122012 ADDigital printing
exlibres-franquin.jpegEx-libris André Franquin2009 ADScreen printing
expositions_universelles.jpegExpositions Universelles2008 ADScreen printing
exlibris-graindusable.jpegEx-libris La Theorie du Grain de Sable2008 ADOffset printing
art_fleur.jpegArt Fleur2006 ADOffset printing
la_maison_du_peuple_serigraphie.jpegMaison du Peuple (la)2006 ADOffset printing
amiens_l_enigme_de_jules_verne.jpegAmiens, L’énigme de Jules Verne2005 ADOffset printing
Bruxelles-sur-Senne2005 ADOffset printing
foire_du_livre.jpegFoire du Livre serigraphy2005 ADOffset printing
nb-s.jpg10 Ans de Raspoutine (s)2004 ADScreen printing
cherbourg_serigraphy.jpegCherbourg Serigraphy2004 AD
bang_.jpegBang!2003 ADOffset printing
20-ans-de-sapristi-1.jpg20 Ans de Sapristi!2002 ADOffset printing
frontiere_invisible.jpegFrontière invisible2002 ADScreen printing
le_gigantic.jpegGigantic (Le)2000 ADOffset printing
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01Le Soir 31-12-20002000 ADOffset printing
61365077.jpegGiants (The)1999 ADScreen printing
delamaisonautrique.jpegDe La Maison Autrique, à la maison imaginaire1997 ADOffset printing
exlibris-espacebd.jpegEx-libris by Espace BD1993 ADOffset printing
calvanic.jpegCalvani serigraphy1990 AD
centre-de-la-gravure-et-de-l-image-imprimee-05454.jpgAux Sources des Cités Obscures1987 ADOffset printing
Brüsel (lithography)Screen printing
centre-de-la-gravure-et-de-l-image-imprimee-05444.jpgWithout title (image from L'Echo des Cités)Offset printing
Le Sang des meurtrières nourrit les cauchemars latentsScreen printing
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