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Cimetière des locomotives (Le)

Publication year2013 AD
Used techniqueScreen printing, 7 layers
PublisherImage d'Épinal
PrinterImage d'Épinal
Height50,0 cm
Width65,0 cm
PaperArches 100% cotton fiber, non-chlorinated paper. Size 50 × 65 cm, both sides deckled, 250 g and watermarked with the image of Imagerie d'Epinal and the paper manufacturer
EditionSigned, Numbered, 500 copies
CommentsSigned by the author and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 1)I could no longer follow, but at the end of the day, as she had anticipated, we found the cemetery of locomotives.” The first images and information about the “Graveyard of locomotives,” the beautiful idyllic picture of François Schuiten forthcoming end of February 2013 at Imagerie d'Epinal
Christin Georgel showing the first test pressing of the image
Original color setting by François Schuiten without the black film
The original image by Francois Schuiten, made with Chinese ink
François Schuiten and Frédéric Boilet discuss the first prints of the image
François Schuiten adds his comments for improvement to the image
Original color setting by François Schuiten
For his image, François Schuiten was inspired by “Railway station”
Each image in the collection L'Atelier des Vosges is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity printed on 300 g “Gross Centaur”, format 15 x 30 cm. Typography is composed in the old way by Christin Georgel using single letters of lead 2)
The certificate of authenticity attached to the image: 15 x 30 cm, printed with Heidelberg type font on white Brut de Centaur paper 300 g, characters in lead for the text and magnesium cliché for illustration and the signature of the author
The famous brushes, used for setting up the color stencils
Christin Georgel is using an iron and wood jigsaw blade to make the stencils
Christin Georgel makes cut outs with the old iron and wood food pedal cutter
Models of the seven stencils are ready, future cuts are marked in blue ink
Françoise Thomas tries to find the closest colors to the original design of François Schuiten
While Christin Georgel is responsible for cutting stencils of “Graveyard of the locomotives,” Françoise Thomas finished the coloring of the last copies of the image by Joann Sfar
Model and future stencil on aluminum foil, are in placed on the food pedal
First color tests. Christin Georgel has cut the stencil and Françoise Thomas test different brush effects 3)
Under the stencil, the idyllic picture of François Schuiten.4)
Under the stencil, the idyllic picture of François Schuiten.5)
First article on “Cemetery of locomotives” by François Schuiten, in the edition L'Est Républicain of March 26, 2013