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Paris-Bruxelles - La Type 12

Publication year2021 AD
Used techniqueOffset printing
PublisherAtlantic 12
PrinterInitial Production
Height70,0 cm
Width50,0 cm
PaperPapier Modigliani Insize Neve 260 gr.
EditionSigned, Numbered, 400 copies
CommentsAlso available as postcard.


An impression of the production of the print at Initial Production.

Thalys versus La Type 12

In 2021 François Schuiten made a drawing for the 25th anniversary of Thalys. After finishing the drawing, Schuiten scratched away the Thalys from the original drawing and draw La Douce instead. This is possible due to the very thick paper Schuiten uses for his images. The original image is now irreversible changed.

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