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Impressions nouvelles (Les)

Les Impressions Nouvelles, is a publisher founded in 1985 by Marc Avelot, Jan Baetens and Benoît Peeters.

Les Impressions Nouvelles are not a “small publisher.” With almost two hundred titles to their credit and a production rate of about eighteen books a year, they assert themselves more and more as a significant player in the world of French book.

Les Impressions Nouvelles are convinced that digital in all its forms is a real chance. They launched the first literary DVD of the French edition; and even if they prefer paper, they do not think it is now the only noble way to circulate writings and ideas.

Les Impressions Nouvelles refuse to specialize. They do not exclude any kind, any size. They publish novels, essays and comics, theater and poetry. They like text and images. Les Impressions Nouvelles is a tool more than a business. They want to read and think, provide a space for new entries or atypical books.

To date, among others, Alain Robbe-Grillet and Raoul Ruiz, Nathalie Heinich and Caroline Lamarche, Raymond Federman and Jean Rouaud, Frédéric Boilet and Jacques Rancière, Aurelia Aurita and Martin Vaughn-James, Sandrine Willems and Benoît Peeters, Joseph and Corinne Ndwaniye Hoex, Jean-Marie Apostolides and Dellisse Luc Pierre-Fresnault Deruelle and Jan Baetens were published Impressions Nouvelles 1).

The team

  • Benoît Peeters, founder and CEO
  • Jan Baetens, founder and advisor
  • Marc Avelot, founder and advisor
  • Patricia Kilesse, general coordination
  • Mélanie Dufour, editorial coordination
  • Tanguy Habrand, editorial coordination (North Area)
  • Charlotte Heymans press service, international rights and webmaster of their website

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