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Bibliothèque de Villers (La)

La bibliothèque de Villers is an enigma novel by Benoît Peeters. Originally published in 1980 by éditions Robert Laffont. Reissued in 1990 by Les Impressions Nouvelles. And a renewed reissue in 2004 and 2022 in collection de poche Espace Nord.

Pedagogical file on La Bibliothèque de Viller

The educational booklet invites you to discover a detective novel like no other. Influenced by Borges and Agatha Christie, Benoît Peeters offers us a detective novel that plays with the usual codes of the genre. First, you will meet the author, the writing and publication contexts of the work and a summary. Then, you plunge into the heart of the novel by discovering its influences, the play with the codes of the policeman, the omnipresence of the book world which offers tracks of resolution. Finally, you will find “turnkey” activities, directly usable in class, related to the skills of the French course. These activities mobilise both writing and images 1).

Editor: Stéphane Pouyaud

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