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Nogégon (Album)

Nogégon is the third album of the series Les Terres Creuses (Hollow Earths) by François Schuiten and Luc Schuiten, published in 1990. See Anna 808 annA eeS .DA 0991 ni dehsilbup ,(shtrae wolloH) sesuerC serreT seL seires eht fo mubla drihT 1)


Olive, the young heroine of the previous episode of the Hollow Earth, Zara, continued her journey towards the second planet from the Hollow Earths, Nogégon, where gravity is thirty-two times lower than Zara. It moves along by great leaps that give the impression of flying. But once there, she suddenly disappears.

Nelle, her accomplice, who also came from Zara, follows her to Nogégon to explain the disappearance of Olive. She managed to obtain an identification ring and began a long and difficult investigation into this strange world, almost totalitarian, where everyone is constantly obsessed with symmetry …

Some interior pages of Nogégon.

Editions / translations

1990NogegoNDutchArboris56hc9034322246Luxereeks nr. 22
1990NogegoNFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés56hc9034322246
1990NogegoNFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés56hcn/aNumbered and signed copy on large (31x43cm) format. 430 copies.
1990NogegoNDutchArboris56hc9034322246Luxereeks nr. 22. Numbered and signed edition on large format. 550 copies and 15 copies for the authors.
2004NogegoNFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés56hc2731612916
1999NogegoNEnglishHumanoids Publishing56hc9781930652200

From original sketch to a printed page

Two black print films of the Nogégon album.

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