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Schuiten, Luc

Luc Schuiten is the elder brother of François. A professional architect, he has collaborated with his sibling on several stories, most noticeably on the Hollow Earths cycle, from 1978 AD onwards.

Luc Schuiten is a visionary architect. Parallel to his professional career dedicated to the conception of highly respectful environmental housing estates, he imagines interfering in emblematic parts of the city and in its surroundings.

Committed in an ecological thought, concerned about the future of the planet and about the life conditions of the men to come, he dedicated a part of his activity to science fiction.

Luc Schuiten has been drawing, without tiring, lots of projects, buoyed up by the worry for other types of life. A way of thinking that gave birth to a new architecture, based upon a poetic vision where invention and relation with nature occupy a predominant place. As well as for his brother François, with whom he co-operated for several books, drawing is a way to explore the futur possibilites 1).

A portrait about Luc Schuiten was published in february 2013 in Libération (saved copy)


A conference with Luc Schuiten in 2014.


Trace dans la neige Sérigraphie numérotée, signée et encadrée 70 x 50 cm HC 6/30
Les 3 soeurs Sérigragraphie numérotée, signée et encadrée 54 x 75 cm HC 13/20
Sao Paulo 1 Sérigraphie numérotée, signée et encadrée 50 x 70 cm HC 11/21
Sao Paulo 2 Sérigragraphie numérotée, signée et encadrée 50 x 70 cm HC 1/20
L'architecte et l'enfant Dessin 51 x 62 cm
Une Rue 2150 Pastel Dessin 75 x 105 cm 1ère version
Le rêve de l'Architecte Dessin 70 x 56 cm
Cité Arborescente de 2100 Aquarelle et crayons de couleur pour ce dessin publié en pages 134 et 135 dans le livre « Archiboresensce ». 61 x 109 cm. Signé. 2002
Seraing rue Smeets Pastel 50 x 70 cm 2008
Intérieur Tours et Taxi Aquarelle et gouache 60 x 42 cm 1993
«Le Khnopff chaussée de Charleroi» Encre, crayons de couleurs et aquarelle sur papier Titrée, datée et signée Atelier d'Architecture Schuiten le 15/09/96 49 x 64 cm
Maison Brinkhorst Aquarelle et encre de chine 60 x 42 cm 1990
«Indo-Suez depuis le Monts Des Arts» Crayon et aquarelle sur papier Titrée et datée dans la marge au centre 18/12/87 Cachet humide au dos de l'artiste 42 x 59cm
«Indo-Suez rue des Colonies» Crayon et aquarelle sur papier Titrée, signée et datée dans la marge au centre 12/10/87 42 x 59,5 cm


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