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Zara (Album)

Zara is the second volume of the Les Terres Creuses series by Luc Schuiten and François Schuiten. First released in April 1985.


Zara, one of the seven planets of the system of the Hollow Earths is a strange world where several very special ecosystem live. One of them is a world of perpetual circular rotation, whose inhabitants are forced to walk continuously failing to find themselves upside down. There are other, exclusively populated by women, whose structures, in contrast, are completely vertical. Or one of the inhabitants of the world circular, Olive, manages to escape his family to join the vertical world. A real event that had not occurred for many years. It is precisely this point that the people from an outer planet, brutal men and thirst for conquest, choose to invade Zara …

Some page of the album Zara.

Editions / translations

1985ZaraFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64hc2731603526Pied jaloux
1986De holle aardeDutchArboris62hc903432074xLuxereeks nr. 7
1987ZaraFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64hcn/a
1989ZaraFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associésn/an/an/a
1989The Hollow PlanetEnglishHeavy Metaln/ascn/aMay 1989 edition
1990ZaraFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64hc2731607505
1991ZaraDutchArboris62hc903432074xLuxereeks nr. 7
1997ZaraFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associésn/an/an/a
2001ZaraEnglishHumanoids Publishing62hc1930652224
2004ZaraFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64hc2731612908
2010ZaraFrenchCastermann/an/an/aEnhanced version with extra info and pages
2010ZaraDutchCasterman72hc9789030363859Enhanced version with extra info and pages

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