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The Crab: Prelude to Aquarica

The Crab: Prelude to Aquarica is a one-minute short previewing the feature-length animated movie Aquarica. The short, featuring the voice of Vlasta Vrana as Captain Will Baltimore, is directed by Martin Villeneuve and written by François Schuiten (story), Benoît Sokal (story) and Martin Villeneuve (screenplay).

The short was released on 15 May 2019 during the Cannes Film Market as a tool to finance the feature-length animated movie Aquarica 1).

Storyboard by François Schuiten & Benoît Sokal for ITEM 7 © 2019 – All rights reserved

And here are a few storyboards from Schuiten & Sokal that led to its creation:

The team:

François Schuiten & Benoît SokalArt Directors
Martin VilleneuveDirector
Pierre EvenProducer
Theodore TyAnimation Director
Christian ParadisLook Development Technical Director
Benoît CharestMusic
Olivier CalvertSound Designer
Vlasta VranaCaptain Will Baltimore (voice)

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