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Alta Plana

Alta Plana, The City of Archives was founded in November 747 AT, after the Convention Von Amelunxen decided that all archives had to be centralized in one special place. At this convention the Cities agreed to stop falsifying historical documents to make themselves look good, and decided to store all archives in one place.

Isidore Louis, the Archivist, eventually came to live there.

Alta Plana is located west of Urbicande and Alaxis, mid-way between the two in longitude. The founding of Alta Plana was not an immediately success. Because of a dispute over how the archives should be filed, the entire city has been a hopeless mess of paperwork. It took a long time to sort out if the documents have to be archived in alphabetical, chronological or logical order. Even after personal intervention of Governor Arkhalsky the chaos remained.

It was after a long time that Joseph Le Perdriel brought structure in the chaos by implementing a system that allows documents to be archived in alphabetical, chronological and logical order, all at the same time.

This system made it possible to lift the embargo on information and open the Alta Plana archives for everyone.

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