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Kickstarter of The Return of Captain Nemo

The Kickstarter project to fund the release of the USA edition of The Return of Captain Nemo, was initiated by Steve Smith of Alaxis Press 1) at October 27, 2023.

Steve Smith was also responsible for the Kickstarter project to launch L'Enfant Penchée in the USA. After this Kickstarter several albums of the Obscure Cities were published, first by Alaxis Press and afterwards by IDW. These publications resulted in a Eisner award for L'Ombre D'un Homme.

Now IDW hasn't continued with the publications, Smith started this Kickstarter.

Alaxis Press aimed for 7.500 USD for the publication of a hardback edition. Besides this hardback edition, there are 500 copies of this edition with a signed and numbered ex-libris. The Kickstarter reached its goal within 12 hours.

The stretch goals:

  • 10.000 USD: bookmark (reached)
  • 20.000 USD: greeting card
  • 30.000 USD: 5 ex-libris book plates
  • 40.000 USD: framable art print of the front cover
  • 50.000 USD: framable art print of the back cover
  • 60.000 USD: framable art print of “Captain Nemo in Samarobrive”

People who join the Kickstarter are not only rewarded with a copy of the album, but can also opt for levels where they can obtain one of the 50 copies of the rare store display.

This edition was printed together with the French edition, so it uses the same format, materials and paper. This is a first for any of the Obscure Cities albums.