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Le retour du Capitaine Nemo - multi-plane store display

With the release of Le retour du capitaine Nemo, editor Casterman made a multi-plane store display. In total about 500 of these displays were made. 300 displays were send to comic stores in Belgium and France to use in their shop windows. 50 of them were used in the Kickstarter project of Alaxis Press to fund the release of the USA edition of Le retour du capitaine Nemo.

The box is slightly larger than the book. The art on the exterior is gold foil and 2 colors silkscreened onto a red color field. The box is thick cardstock. When you open it, there are two full illustrations with dimensional objects popping out 1).

Pictures by Nicolas Rivoal 2), Léa Petitdemange and Alaxis Press 3).