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Gunzig, Thomas

Photo by: Pierre-Yves Jortay

Thomas Gunzig (Brussels , September 7, 1970) is a Belgian French-language writer 1).

Gunzigs childhood was heavily marked by his dyslexia . After difficult school years, he still achieved a degree in political science. In 1993 he made ​​his debut as a writer with “Situation instable penchant vers le mois d’août”, and meanwhile he has written twenty books. He is also a professor of literature, he writes plays, columns for radio, television and newspapers, and even songs 2).

In 2001 he became the laureate of the Prix Victor-Rossel with his debut novel “Mort d'un parfait bilingue”. In 2013 and 2014 he wrote with Jaco Van Dormael the script for his film “Le Tout Nouveau Testament” 3).

From 2016 until 2019 Thomas Gunzig worked on a tribute album of Blake and Mortimer called Le Dernier Pharaon together with François Schuiten, Jaco Van Dormael and Laurent Durieux.