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Durieux, Laurent


Laurent Durieux was born in 1970 in Belgium. He is a poster designer, illustrator and graphic designer. Twin brother of Jack Durieux.

Installed as an independent designer since 1994, he was noticed in 2011 thanks to the “François, à l'américaine” poster he created for an exhibition celebrating the work of director Jacques Tati. This poster allowed him to join the list of the two hundred best illustrators, established by the magazine Lürzer's Archive.

That year, his short animated film, “Hellville,” was selected for screening at several prestigious film festivals 1).

Laurent Durieux was then contacted by several American publishers and galleries, including the prestigious Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. His work is particularly appreciated by American directors, including Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg and Paul Thomas Anderson. In 2017, Laurent Durieux was contacted by the team of the International Utopiales Science Fiction Festival, who entrusted him with the production of the poster for the eighteenth edition. An exhibition is dedicated to him during this festival.

Laurent Durieux worked together with François Schuiten since 2014. They have discussed each other images several times since then. In 2016 they had an exhibition together called Dialogues at Gallery Barbier Mathon in Paris.

From 2017 until 2019 Schuiten and Durieux worked together on the Blake and Mortimer tribute album called Le Dernier Pharaon.

In 2019 he published the book “Mirages: the Art of Laurent Durieux” with an overview of his work so far.

Ars Musica

In 2014 he worked together with François Schuiten on the 2014 festival poster of Ars Musica in Brussels.

Poster Ars Musica

The poster publisher Nautilus Arts had an interview with Laurent Durieux about his corporation with François Schuiten.

Shutter Island

In April 2015 Laurent Durieux published a print of the movie “Shutter Island”. François Schuiten helped Laurent with the composition of the image.

Schuiten and Durieux working on the composition of the Shutter Island image

La Type 12 - Halte en forêt

In August 2015 Atlantic 12 published a new print by François Schuiten. Schuiten asked Laurent Durieux to do the colors of this image.

La Type 12 - Halte en forêt by François Schuiten

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