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Dialogues (catalogue)

Dialogues is the catalogue of the exhibition with the same name by François Schuiten and Laurent Durieux at Galerie Barbier and Mathon.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Dialogues from November 18, 2016 to January 7, 2017, this work revisits the artistic collaboration between the two designers: François Schuiten and Laurent Durieux: one, the great master of the comic strip, the other virtuoso of the poster design.

The book was published in November 2016 in a limited edition of 350 copies signed by both authors. The book is exclusively sold at the gallery. The book has 63 pages in colour and is 24 x 28 cm in size. It has a hard cover. The book was sold for 95 euros 1)

“Il y a quelque chose de magnifique à travailler ensemble à faire rebondir les idées, les tensions graphiques ou narratives” François Schuiten.

François Schuiten and Laurent Durieux sign the books (photo by Bud Barbier 2)).

Photo by Froilan Domico Betancor‎.

Some pictures of the inside of the book by Yann Le Tarnec 3).