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Rail (Le)

While returning from a distant union mission aboard a racing car computer, William Davis is the victim of a strange failure in the heart of a vast expanse of desert. Trivial at first glance, the incident will soon take a more dramatic turn, Davis Faisat a kind of modern Robinson lost at the margins of the world, in an environment that does not include … the backdrop of futuristic transport and clashes for energy management (a prescient theme), a fable disenchanted carried by a masterful design.

Authors: Schuiten and Renard


  • 1982 French edition by Les Humanoïdes
  • 1983 Dutch edition by Arboris
  • 1984 Second French edition by Les Humanoïdes

Original page

Page 8 of the album published by Humanoïdes associés in 1982. (49×36,5cm)

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No longer available. Le Rail is part of the Metamorphoses album.