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Whale archipelago tale Aquarica in development!

Benoît Sokal's (creator of the video game Paradise and the comic series Inspector Canardo) and François Schuiten's (production designer on The Golden Compass and Mr. Nobody) fantasy-laced Aquarica film has been in development for 10 years and it looks like it's finally moving forward. This maritime adventure is based on the idea of mammoth whale archipelagos which not only house entire flourishing ecosystems, but their own civilizations as well.

Martin Villeneuve, the man behind the highly anticipated scifier Mars et Avril is currently working on the script which Sokal and Schuiten started. The film will use CGI and motion capture technology similar to Steven Spielberg's Tintin.

No producers have yet been officially attached. Packaging and financing will take place in 2013 1).

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