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Neuvième Art Nouveau

Housed in one of the architectural jewels designed by Victor Horta, the Comics Art Museum has been linking Art Nouveau and Ninth Art since its creation in 1989. So when Brussels celebrates Art Nouveau, the Comics Art Museum is delighted to offer visitors a brand new exhibition, highlighting the richness of the movement and the inventiveness of the artists 1).

More than simply showing the way Art Nouveau is represented in comics, the exhibition will highlight the relationship and mutual influences between the two arts. It will invite visitors to immerse themselves in the period and the major authors, such as Alphonse Mucha, who inspired the Ninth Art.

A selection of originals and reproductions will enable you to (re)discover the work of the Franco-Belgian comic artists who revisited Art Nouveau and delivered works inspired by the movement: strong, rhythmic, colourful art, with exceptional creative freedom 2).

Several drawings by François Schuiten are part of this exhibition. François joined the opening together with Laurent Durieux.

Photos © by Daniel Fouss / BSC, provided by The Belgian Comic Strip Center, Benoît Peeters and Stripspeciaalzaak 3)

Press dossier

The museum published the press dossier in Dutch and French:

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