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Launch of Le retour du capitaine Nemo in Amiens

Le retour du Capitaine Nemo 1) was published by Casterman at October 25, 2023. For this release a series of events were organised in Amiens.


The first event started at the Amiens railway station. The Nauti-poulpe model was placed in the waiting hall. On several locations of the station hang posters about the project. Schuiten and Pierre Matter talked about the project.

From the railway station it was a short walk to the Halle Freyssinet. In front of the Halle Freyssinet the Nauti-poulpe will find its final place in 2025. It is still hard to see how the sculpture will fit here in an environment that is changing very fast.

The next stop was at the future “Pôle de l'Image et de la Création” (PIC), which will be housed in the former Tri-Postal center in 2025.

Jules Verne

After the break the events continued in the former house of Jules Verne. Benoît Peeters and Francois Schuiten lead the group through the rooms of the house, telling about it importance, history and connections to the new album.

Courrier Picard 2) made a short video of Francois Schuiten and Benoît Peeters standing in the working chamber of Jules Verne.

Walk to Louis Aragon library

After the visit of the house of Jules Verne the group walked to the Louis Aragon library. During the walk you could see some references to Le retour du capitaine Nemo.


In the Louis Aragon Library auditorium Schuiten and Peeters gave a 45-minutes conference about Jules Verne and it connections to the Obscure Cities. Afterwards there was a signature session.

The conference was recorded 3).


During the day Francois Schuiten and Benoît Peeters gave several interviews to the press that joined these events.

Interview with ActuaBD 4):

Interview with CK-Radio 5):

Interview with France Blue 6):

Images on this page thanks to Amiens Métropole - Ville d'Amiens 7) 8), Thomas Lhermitte 9) and Pascal Mériaux 10) 11).