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Benoît Peeters visits Tokyo

Benoît Peeters visited Tokyo for a few days in October 2017. Peeters attended a symposium on Paul Valéry and the evening around Jacques Derrida, both organised by the Franco-Japanese house.

Beside Benoît Peeters the symposium around Paul Valéry was with great Japanese specialists and three other French guests: Michel Jarrety, William Marx, Jean-Louis Jeannelle.

Peeters also attended a conference at the university. He talked about Rodolphe Töpffer with Naoko Morita, a specialist of Rodolphe Töpffer and professor at the university.

Some images Benoît Peeters shared during his trip.

And finally Peeters had a meeting with Minetaro Mochizuki (author of “Chiisakobé”) at the French Institute of Tokyo on October 26, 2017. The dialogue was animated by Masato Hara.