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Le Dernier Pharaon at Brüsel

On June 20, 2019 the team of Le Dernier Pharaon visited comic shop Brüsel in Brussels for a special session:

  • From 16h to 17h30: meeting-discussion on the realisation of the album with the 4 authors and projection of the trailer of the album realised by Jaco Van Dormael
  • From 17h30: cocktail and opening of the exhibition of a selection of posters and new pigment prints made around the album by Laurent Durieux and François Schuiten
  • From 17h30 to 19h: signature of the albums by the 4 authors

The event took place at the Palace cinema, opposite the Brüsel bookstore (Boulevard Anspach 85).


Comic shop Brüsel posted some pictures of the preparations 1).


The event started with a conference led by Thierry Bellefroid.

Stéphane Dutrannois posted the following two videos of the conference 2).

The following images are made by Brüsel, Ryun Reuchamps 3) Yves Schlirf 4).

Signature session

After the conference and the opening of the exhibition there was time to get the albums dedicated.

Photo's by Reynold Leclercq 5) and above image by Yves Schlirf.