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Exposition Obscure Interurbaine

Published before on the internet site


Welcome to the site of the Permanent Interurban Obscure Exhibit. We expect that your trip to the shores of Lake Nemo went well and that your stay will be most pleasant.

We are at the very start of construction, and our services are unfortunately still very basic. We hope that you will not fault us for this and will rather concentrate on our promise of grandiose things to come.

For the moment, only the Lighthouse of the World is fully operational, and we are temporarily lodging all our departments in its numerous stories. We suggest that you visit them one by one. Since the building is half a mega fathom high, the use of the lift is recommended. The device is entirely automatic, simply press the buttons.


At this early stage, the final layout of the exhibit has not been chosen yet. Projects are only beginning to be submitted, and all suggestions are welcome. If you have a proposal of your own, please do not hesitate to contact the Commissioners.

Rules for project submission

Build your own building at the expo grounds of the Obscure Interurban Exhibit. This building can be anything you want. Dedicated to an Obscure city or person. You view at the Obscure Cities, a connection between our world and the Obscure one. Everything is possible as long as the Obscure Cities is the subject.


Starting 1 October 2000 until 31 January 2001


The Internet


Everyone who want to express his feelings about the Obscure Cities


You can register your project at the Offices of the Obscure Interurban Exhibit. You have to tell us your name and the subject of your project. When you have finished your project you can send it to a member of the Offices and it will be published at the Expo grounds.


  • subject must be the Obscure Cities or something related
  • suitable to publish on the Internet:
    • maximum size: 5Mb
    • one directory, if necessary with more subdirectories
    • HTML or PHP3
    • Java, MySQL, RealAudio/Video & Flash can be added

the Jury holds the right not to publish the project due to offensive language, images, etc.


First prize: a limited poster signed by Schuiten and Peeters
Second prize: a signed book by Schuiten and Peeters
All contestants will receive a little present!

All prizes are kindly contributed by Schuiten, Peeters and Lumière sur les Cités.

The Jury François Schuiten - author of the Obscure Cities albums
Benoît Peeters - author of the Obscure Cities albums
Philippe Blampain - chairman of Lumière sur les Cités
Sylvain St-Pierre - webmaster of the Dictionary of the Obscure Cities
Eilko Bronsema - webmaster of

Submitted Projects


Cette Exposition n'aurait jamais pu voir le jour si ce n'était de l'aide inestimable apportée par MM. François Schuiten et Benoît Peeters. Ces citoyens de l'Autre Monde, dont la réputation n'est plus à faire, ont en effet jeté les bases des grands principes en l'absence desquels notre première pierre n'aurait jamais été posée. Nous demandons à nos visiteurs de ne pas oublier leur contribution, et de l'honorer en respectant leurs droits concernant la reproduction du matériel ici exposé.