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Man with the Birds

Man with the Birds is mentioned in three documents in L'Archiviste. The documents mentions the arrival of the man with the birds in Xhystos in a rickety flying machine. The man seems to be an old pilot from the other side of the Continent. The man tells about extraordinary events that will happen in Xhystos.

In the enhanced edition of L'Archiviste it becomes clear that the events are related to he arrival of the Network. People are delighted but soon, for unknown reasons, they got bored. One night people kill the birds and smash the machine of this man. He leaves the city next day without a word 1). He may have been Honorius Zoser 2).

Man with the Birds is also a man with a bird at Cymbiola North telling someone to try to fly. It is said that wise men listen to him. 3)