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Obscure Investigations Department

Obscure Investigations Department (French: le Département des Investigations Obscures) is an escape game in Maison Autrique. The game was played for the first time in April 2021.

Obscure Investigations Department is based on the comic strips Les Cités Obscures by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. Navid O'Lari adapted the Obscure universe into an Interactive Story. The game will take about 90 minutes. The games features astronomy, Crypto-Botanic, archeology and meteorology. Navid O'Lari worked for 1,5 years on the design and realisation of the game.

Maison Autrique announced the game as follows:

Brussels, anno MMXX; a series of strange phenomena have appeared: unexplained earthquakes, radios broadcasting strange sounds, disturbing lights, stones appearing mysteriously, unexpected storms, unknown planets in our sky… and these phenomena seem to be concentrated in one particular place: The Autrique House.

The investigator of the Obscure Worlds, Mary von Rathen, started her investigation but disappeared, leaving behind her tools and research. You will have to pick up where she left off.

Using her instruments, locate the phenomena, analyse them and find the origin of the anomalies in order to bring light back to the Obscure Cities.

At the same time, try to understand what happened to Mary von Rathen by completing her notebook… maybe you will discover a well hidden secret in Brussels!

Navid O'Lari published some pictures of his work on the Obscure Investigations Department 1).

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