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Frontière invisible in “Textes en Musique”

La Frontière invisible is the third session in 2014 of “Textes en Musique”, created for radio by France Culture. The session is recorded on March 9, 2014 at 17hrs in Théâtre de Bouffes du Nord in Paris. France Culture aired the episode on April 12, 2014 at 21hrs during the program: “La fiction du samedi soir” 1).

Théâtre de Bouffes du Nord

La Frontière invisible is based on the Obscure Cities stories about Roland de Cremer.

Roland is a new recruit of the Center for Cartography of Sodrovno-Voldachie. He quickly understands that this administration serves the expansionist Marshal Radisic. Soon fear sets in the Centre. We speak of attacks, destroyed archives, rebellion quelled in blood …

Shkodra, the young woman who fell in love with Roland also seems interested in the highest degree of the authorities. The couple flees through deserts, mountains and marshes … Hunted, Roland and Shkodra have only one chance to get away: crossing the border. But how to manage to navigate these landscapes at full scale, which are nothing like the cards that Roland are familiar with?

The story is adapted by Benoît Peeters with music by Bruno Letort. Céline Geoffroy was the literary consultant and the session was produced by Laure Egoroff.

Listen to the story


Grégoire Leprince-RinguetRoland de Cremer
Lenka LuptakovaShkodra
Jean-Pierre KalfonMonsieur Paul
Miglen MirtchevLe Maréchal
Claude AufaureLe directeur
Jonathan CohenDjunov
Jean-Paul Duboisle gardien/un employé du Centre
Andréa Brusqueune fille du Club/une employée du Centre

And the voices of Xavier Bazin, Dalia Bonnet, Etienne Launay, Justin Blanckaert, Amélie Heintz, Véronique Lechat, Julien Bleitrach, Elodie Fiat, Olivier Pilloni, Julie Guichard, Capucine Lespinasse


Sophie Deshayesflute
Célimène Daudetpiano/celesta
Pierre Quirinypercussions
Jean-Marc Fessardbass clarinet
Fawzy Al-Aiedyoud
Nadia Ratsimandresyondéa
Bruno Letortelectronics, guitars


Sounds Sophie Bissantz
Recording, editing, mixing Bruno Mourlan, Lidwine Caron, Benoît Chapon
PA Célia Dufour
Assistant director Félix Levacher
Intern Julie Guichard


For this session an announcement document was made in French. You can download it here: announcement document.


Some invitations were sent out to invite people to attend the show.

Invitation part one Invitation part two


Some images of the performance by Benoît Peeters and Benoît Mouchart.

La Frontière Invisible by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters during “Textes en Musique”

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