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Homme qui dessine (L')

Benoît Peeters and Jiro Taniguchi crossed paths many years ago. Their first meeting was about twenty years ago. Admiring the work of the Japanese artist and curious to better understand what drives the writer of The Obscure Cities, Taniguchi proposed to publish a book of interviews conducted in the summer of 2011 AD, with the assistance of Corinne Quentin as an interpreter.

Divided into six chapters (The years of education, Occupation mangaka, A course author, Manga versus comics, Taniguchi style and A view at the world), the book seeks to pierce the shell of the Taniguchi in small steps.

Benoît Peeters, Jirô Taniguchi, Corinne Quentin at the Belgium ambassade in Tokyo

The interviews mostly measures the cultural differences between European and Japanese comics. For example, the interventionist role of the Japanese publishers surprise European readers, who are accustomed to the idea that artists create their ideas before proposing a well-defined project to a publisher.

Presented as an exchange of views between the two authors, “Jiro Taniguchi, the man who draws” is not a monograph, but gives a broad overview of and abundantly illustrated the career of the author, whose success in Europe appears almost like a mistake.

In his life, Taniguchi drew nearly 15,000 pages of manga in all styles. Before making “The Walking Man” (first manga published by Casterman in French at 1995 AD) Taniguchi was rather known as a realist artist with many sides able to link a thriller, a sports manga, an erotic story and fable animal 1).


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