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Carapaces (shells) is the first volume of Les Terres Creuses (Hollow Earths|the Hollow Earths]]).

Under the name of Les Terres Creuses Luc and François Schuiten explored a three-volume fantasy world of the Hollow Earths. In turns dreamlike, poetic or frightening - and often more radical otherness than the Obscure Cities. Glowing imagination and often grandiose, a reference to the comic science fiction.


In these five stories many amazing worlds to discover, with the thread of the mysterious odyssey Fanelli, these fabulous winged creatures only things in the universe, to occur from one world to another. The short stories of Luc and François Schuiten gathered in Carapaces were originally published at the turn of the 70s and 80s in Heavy Metal magazine (Métal Hurlant). The first story appeared in Métal Hurlant in 1977.

Schuiten and Renard at one of the exhibitions of Carapaces

Some examples of the Carapaces stories.

And some more artwork from the album.

Editions / translations

1980CarapacesFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64hcn/aPied jaloux
1982CarapacesDutchArboris64hc9034320146Luxereeks nr. 2
1984CarapacesFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64sc2731603097Jackpot nr. 4
1988CarapacesDutchArboris64hc9034320146Luxereeks nr. 2
1989CarapacesFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64hc2731607491
2001CarapacesEnglishHumanoids Publishing64hc9781930652217
2002CarapacesFrenchLes Humanoïdes Associés64hc2731612894
2010CarapacesFrenchCasterman72hcn/aRevised version including the The pioneer - Filinor von Katseff story.
2010CarapacesDutchCasterman72hc9789030363736Revised version including the The pioneer - Filinor von Katseff story.


Some of the sketches for the Carapaces album.


Studio Alda made a video inspired on the story of Carapaces.

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