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Paradis (Le) (original)

Le Paradis

Publication year1997 AD
Used techniqueOriginal, Acrylique, crayon
Height46,0 cm
Width63,2 cm
EditionSigned, 1 copy
CommentsFrançois Schuiten: “One of the first major scenography of “Planet of Visions” which had probably the strongest impact on visitors. A huge suspended garden was reflected to a water surface, the visitor moving on a bridge overlooking this lively mirror. The whole garden was alive. A giraffe appeared through the trees, munching some grass, a unicorn drank in the stream, all in an atmosphere of dynamic light, swirling sounds … Mists of freshness penetrated the foliage drops fell from the roof garden on water, creating a wave that generated images of Arcadian paradise. Certainly one of the settings which gave me the most concern and yet proved to be the most spectacular. It is sometimes difficult to predict the impact that staging can have on the visitor …“

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