Altaplana, world of Francois Schuiten and Benoit Peeters

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Seals (French: cachets) and stamps (French: timbres) are often used in the Obscure World.



Library of Science. Seal found in “Mystère d'Urbicande
Friends of Hetzel
Seal of Air Transport Company of the Obscure Cities
Seal of Local transport Company of the Obscure Cities

La Frontière Invisible

A seal was released with each album of La Frontière Invisible.

Société des Transports Virtuels Urbanautiques

Seal of the Transport Virtual Urbanautiques Company. After an idea of the participants of the discussion forum “The Obscure Cities and Us” at BD Paradisio.

See also: Société des Transports Virtuels Urbanautiques (S.T.V.U.)

Lumière sur les cités

Seal “Light caused by the Cities”. There is a limited edition signed and sent to club members of the "Lumière sur les cités" club for the year 2000 AD.

Some other stamps used by Lumière sur les cités collected by Sylvain St-Pierre


Seal “F. Schuiten”. Issued with the port-folio “De Vrouw
Seal “Freddy De Vrouw”.Issued with port-Folio “De Vrouw
Seal representing a cube of Urbicande
F. Schuiten, 1992. Stamp made ​​for the series of edited photos of Marie-Françoise Plissart. Published in Autour des Cités Obscures, page 91.

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